Test Page


  • CNIC
  • Valid learner permit
  • Medical Form Duly signed from the Medical officer
  • Fee Slip deposit in the designated Bank i.e. Rs 125 or 250

After fulfilling the above requirement the applicant is eligible for getting the test page.


Token issuance: – For getting a test page Token will be issued to the applicant in which the applicant CNIC No, Name, Type of license, deposited amount, date of fee deposited and bank name are stored in the data base.

Step 2:
Medical Information: – Applicant Blood group, Height, Weight are stored in this phase.

Step 3:
Test page Issuance: – A test page is issued to the applicant and  a proper date and time for test.
In this phase the file is handed over the applicant by telling him the location of test.

For Low category i.e. Motor car jeep, M.Cycle etc the person will appear before the MLA and For higher category i.e. LTV.HTV,PSV etc the applicant will have appear before the committee i.e. MVE and Secretary RTA.