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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Traffic Police operates with a mission to ensure safe, orderly, and efficient traffic flow within the city. By prioritizing public education, they empower citizens with knowledge about traffic laws. Their visionary approach aims to minimize manpower deployment while maximizing traffic management efficacy, leading to smoother commutes. Embracing modern technology, they seek to employ advanced gadgets for precise regulation and enforcement. Ultimately, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Traffic Police envisions a future where a well-informed populace, streamlined traffic, and cutting-edge solutions merge to create a harmonious urban mobility landscape.

Traffic Education


IG KP 01 Peshawar Traffic Police

Mr. Akhtar Hayat Khan

Inspector General of Police, KP

CCPO Qasim Ali Khan Peshawar Traffic Police

Mr. Qasim Ali Khan

Capital City Police Officer, Peshawar

Chief Traffic Officer Peshawar Traffic Police

Mr. Saud Khan

Chief Traffic Officer, Peshawar

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Traffic Education
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