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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Traffic Police

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Traffic Police is one of the five police jurisdictions in the capital city and is responsible for managing and controlling traffic matters of a huge area of 1257 square kilometers. The Traffic force, established in 1971, comprising of 500 police officers and personnel, controls the road traffic, which has lately become a major task for the police. Due to the increase in volume of road traffic, causing continuous traffic congestion in the cities especially in peak hours, the demands on the police to meet with the situation for smooth running of traffic has a corresponding increase.


The concept of the traffic Police in Peshawar was introduced in 1971 under the command and control of a Senior Superintendent of Police and ever since the department has been rendering effective services towards building a community where traffic crimes are minimal and every violation is being dealt strictly according to the laws.

In 1984, another milestone was achieved in the shape of traffic school establishment. The main objective of the school is to train the police constables and other staff and turn them into a good law enforcing force. The traffic cadre was also introduced the same year with the purpose to bring the traffic police under the command and control of AIG Traffic. The new position was created in order to make effective policies and prepare vigilant and efficient force.

Besides, the introduction of ticketing system in 1998 is also a remarkable step toward achieving a controlled-traffic society. In 2003 the division of AIG and SSP contributed to the developmental task and multiplied its competence. Four years later in 2007; the generation of new codes consolidated traffic police department, and in 2009 e-payment system was introduced to squeeze the worries of general public.


To enhance the quality of life and well being of all people in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Traffic Police by contributing to making our place safer and secure, without the fear of crime and violence.


To enforce laws rigorously; hold those accountable that commit violations; and preserve the public order.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Traffic Police will strive to uphold the following values promoting professionalism and trust of general public:

  • Quality Policing/Services
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Team Work
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Transparenc

Main Functions

  • Enforce traffic laws; prevent violations of traffic regulations and prevention/prosecution of traffic criminal and other traffic offences
  • Control traffic on highways, roads and major streets
  • Assist the public in various social events and functions where motor traffic is involved
  • Protect life, property and liberty of citizens
  • Conduct traffic awareness seminars, and other programs in order to educate the public regarding traffic rules
  • Aid and cooperate with other agencies for the prevention of destruction of public property by violence, fire, or natural calamities
  • Prevent harassment of women and children in public places
  • Prevent the transportation of dangerous and explosive good
  • Issuance of driving licenses


  • Lawful behaviour and community safety
  • Offenders apprehended and dealt with in accordance with the law
  • Lawful road-user behaviour
  • Improved confidence and trust of the community
  • People feeling safer at home and in the community