Driving Tips

Lane discipline 

  • Always keep your lane
  • Slow moving and HTV to drive in extreme left lane
  • Use indicators, rear view and side mirrors while overtaking
  • Return to your lane safely using indicators

Over Speeding 

  • Results in …
  • Damage to vehicle
  • Damage to life or Disability


  • Always use helmetDrive in left lane
  • Don’t do one wheeling


  • Always use zebra crossing, overhead bridge or underpasses to cross the road
  • Use footpath to walk
  • Walk on right hand side if there is no footpath 


  • Vehicle on a roundabout have the right of way
  • Give way to traffic coming from right
  • Don’t cross the path of vehicles negotiating a roundabout
  • Slow down and only enter a roundabout when it is a safe and your path is clear 


  • Turn where it’s allowed
  • Use indicator
  • Give way to the traffic coming from the other side

Driving in bad weather

  • Slow down during rain, storm and fog
  • Keep safe distance from vehicle ahead
  • Be careful during bad light
  • Use fog lights during fog


  • Park your vehicle 50 meter short or ahead of a school gate
  • Do not block the gate
  • Avoid honking
  • Reduce speed while approaching a school

Use of Indicators

  • Always use indicator for:
  • Turn left or right
  • Changing lane

Always use side and rear view mirrors 

  • Don’t ever use indicators signalling others to overtake or not to overtake

Zebra Crossing 

  • Stop before the stop line
  • Give way to the pedestrians on zebra crossing

Post – Accidents tips

  • Switch off the engine
  • Move off the road
  • Seek emergency help from police
  • Switch on blinker (hazard) lights 

Over Loading 

  • Avoid overloading / overhanging
  • Don’t exceed seating specifications

Mobile Phone 

  • Never use mobile phones while driving.
  • Also avoid using hands-free device
  • Use of mobile phone while driving is a hazard to you and others

Parking Prohibited/No Parking:

  • At footpaths
  • At any entrance or exit
  • Parallel to other vehicles causing hindrance
  • Near any bus or taxi stand 

Check “POWER” for safe driving

  • P = PetrolO = Oil
  • W = Water
  • E = Electricity
  • R = Rubber (Types and Wipers) 

Smoke Menace/Emitting Smoke – Causing Disease

  • If your vehicle produces smoke, take it to a mechanic
  • Do not drive unless your vehicle is fit
  • Save environment from pollution

Vehicle Fitness

  • Before driving check tyres, breaks, lights and wipers
  • Give your vehicle regular tune-up
  • Change oil and filter on time

Commercial Drivers

  • Don’t over speed
  • Pick and drop passengers only in the bus bay
  • Doors should remain closed until vehicle stops
  • Park and overtake correctly 

Over Taking

  • Always overtake from the right side
  • Use Indicators and mirrors for safe overtaking
  • Don’t flash lights to overtake
  • Return to your lane safely using indicator 

Turning Right

  • Signal right indicator while turning
  • Use side and rear view mirror
  • Do not cut other’s path

Public Service Passengers

  • Wait in the bus bays
  • Stand in a queue
  • Do not rush 

Joining Main Road
While joining the main road

  • Reduce speed
  • Give way to traffic coming from right side

Seat Belt

  • Saves life
  • Saves from disability
  • Comfortable drive

Right of Way
Is of the vehicle on your right

  • Vehicle on a main roads
  • Pedestrians on a zebra crossing
  • Vehicle on a roundabout