IP Based Cameras System or City video Surveillance System is a system to monitor the traffic flow, protect the public and prevent criminal activities from occurring. Intelligent video surveillance system play a key role in keeping the traffic flow normal , protecting against security threats to which the city like Peshawar are prone too. The Intelligent video surveillance system is used to maintain the real time traffic control management and security of the metropolitan.

A control room is established at Traffic Police HQrs:  and intelligent software’s are installed to manage the real time traffic control and security of the city. Video analysis software’s are also used to enhance the real time event detection as well as post event detection analysis.

Intelligent video surveillance system is a joint Project of the Traffic Police and Directorate of Information Technology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  IP Based Cameras are  installed at various chowk of district Peshawar.

The main feature of the system are as follows

  • Face Recognition
  • Motion Detection
  • Traffic Count
  • Illegal parking Detection
  • Messing object