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Fee Structure

The driving license fee structure outlines the costs associated with obtaining or renewing a driver's license. The structure typically varies based on factors such as the type of license (e.g., learner's permit, regular license, commercial license), the duration of validity, and the applicant's age. These fees cover administrative expenses, testing processes, and the production of the physical license. Additionally, some regions might offer different rates for residents and non-residents. It's important for individuals to familiarize themselves with the specific fee structure in their area to ensure they are well-prepared for the costs involved in acquiring or maintaining their driving privileges.

Driving License Fee Structure

1 Learner Permit Motorcycle Only 250
Motor Car / Jeep
Motorcycle + Motor Car / Jeep
2 Medical As Above 110
3 Driving Test & E-Test As Above 250
4 Driving License As Above 1000
5 Renewal As Above Rs.1000 within the expiry of 1 Month
Rs.1500 after 1 Month of Expiry
Rs.3000 after 3 Years of Expiry
6 Duplicate As Above 1000
7 International Driving Permit As Above 5000