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IG KP 01 Peshawar Traffic Police

Mr. Akhtar Hayat Khan

Inspector General of Police, KP

It is a matter of satisfaction and pleasure that Peshawar Traffic Police has taken the initiative of launching its own website. This step will produce positive results for the general public and the force in multiple ways.

Traffic is a mirror which reflects the discipline of society. Peshawar is passing through the most critical phase concerning of its traffic problems. Owing to manifold increase in population, influx of Afghan refugees and the locals to the metropolis for better education and health facilities, the traffic problems have assumed alarming proportions.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that Peshawar Traffic Police has already entered the technological sphere by launching computerized driving license system Electronic ticketing system and official traffic website.

Introduction of IP Based CCTV cameras in the provincial of metropolis is another step in the right direction it is gratifying to note that Peshawar Traffic Police has launched its own website which besides highlighting the activities of Peshawar Traffic Police would definitely open new vistas for collection and dissemination of useful information.

I am confident that the website will serve as a mirror of the traffic police and will reflect its true image. It will provide right direction to the police and they will take full advantage of it by highlighting their achievements and progress on the website. The traffic police will be able to get feedback from the general public to devise sustainable traffic management plans. I hope it will pave the way for effective community policing.

I would like to congratulate Peshawar Traffic Police for launching the website which is expected to prove a true spokesman for Peshawar Traffic Police. I pray to Almighty Allah for granting us wisdom, courage, and strength to serve the people to the best of our capabilities and bless us in the pursuit of professional objectives.

Mr. Akhtar Hayat Khan
Inspector General of Police
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa